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Discover unparalleled supply chain transparency with our revolutionary seafood traceability platform, KnowYour.Fish.


Designed specifically for the fishing industry to meet today’s needs of consumers, retailers, restaurants, distributors, and processors who require more information about seafood and where and how it was sourced.


KnowYour.Fish provides valuable insights and tools for end-to-end seafood traceability throughout the supply chain and delivers accurate, verified, and traceable harvest and transport details, as well as seafood rankings based on leading sustainability programs such as Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and Ocean Wise.

Core features

  • Utilize electronic reporting catch and delivery details in conjunction with available corroborative sources such as third-party observation, electronic monitoring, or accountable industry personnel
  • CatchIDs – allow consumers and other participants of the supply chain to track and verify the seafood they’re purchasing
  • Know your harvester and be part of their story – who caught your seafood and how do they support their communities
  • Differentiate your brand – optional branded landing pages for each supply chain participant – provide marketing tools and resources to businesses for consumers to interact with your traceability and sustainability programs
  • How sustainable is your seafood – Harvest and catch details ranked against well recognized sustainability programs such as Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and Ocean Wise with results made available through the entire supply chain
  • Produce branded supporting documentation and materials required for distribution, seafood counters, and serving staff
  • Meet local, export, and import regulations – highly auditable data processes to assure and improve quality, and eliminate seafood fraud
  • Integrates with electronic reporting and fisheries management platforms such as Vericatch’s FisheriesApp for source harvest catch and delivery details

Additional features

  • Support for all fishery sizes – from small artisanal to large scale commercial fleets
  • Support for all supply chain configurations – direct sales from harvester to consumer, or comprehensive multi-step and vertically aligned
  • Manage plant, processing, and distribution facilities and associated certifications
  • Manageable harvester and vessel profiles for individuals or larger fleets
  • API support for third party source data and supply chain automation integration
  • Multi-language and locale support

Traceable. Transparent. Truthful.

KnowYour.Fish is not only a third-party verified catch authentication and traceability solution, it is also a certification program that has partnered with industry, major processors, and leading NGOs to increase responsibility and supply chain transparency.

KnowYour.Fish and the supply chain

KnowYourFish fishermen


Harvesters engaging with KnowYourFish will be able to more effectively promote their catch and effort for added value within the supply chain and offer their customers a fully traceable and positively recognized product.

KnowYourFish processors

Buyers and Processors

By using KnowYour.Fish, buyers and processors will be better able to attach, promote, and support their brand, as well as minimize the risks and costs associated with seafood fraud and unknown quality by offering complete traceability and verification through the early stages of the supply chain.

Distributors and Wholesalers

Distributors and wholesalers using KnowYour.Fish are able to confirm key details regarding the source of seafood that retailers, the service industry, and consumers value and that differentiates their products to the marketplace.

KnowYourFish restaurants


KnowYour.Fish enables restaurants and other food service providers to make informed purchasing decisions with traceability and sustainability in mind as well as to promote storied fish to their customers.

KnowYourFish retailers


Retailers benefit from the ability to quickly obtain source harvest information from each fishery for every species which enables sourcing and purchasing to be compliant with policy commitments to the increasingly conscious consumers they serve. Additionally, KnowYour.Fish can provide counter staff with accurate details available on the seafood they're selling and labelling can more effectively be proven accurate.

KnowYourFish retailers


KnowYour.Fish is a rigorous seafood traceability tool which allows interested consumers to find out who caught the fish and where it came from in a highly transparent manner. Designed in conjunction with leading seafood sustainability programs, it is the most accurate and trustworthy way to learn more about your fish.

KnowYourFish ngos


KnowYour.Fish enables NGOs to help fisheries around the world become sustainable and get involved in supply chain transparency. KnowYour.Fish’s traceability and certification program enables NGO's to help fishermen improve their fisheries and earn more for their catch.

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