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Secure, easy-to-use ELOG app that simplifies catch reporting and works on or offline. Our ELOG fisheries software supports everything from one-person fishing operations to entire associations.

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The only electronic logbook in Canada offering a dedicated app

Works with or without cell coverage

Autofills key data to save you time and repetition

Simplifies your catch reporting

Secures your data so you can access and analyze it 

Automatically alerts you about missing fields

Open laptop with Vericatch electronic logbook software.

Easy-to-use ELOGS that are dependable, flexible, and secure. Designed by fishermen and technologists to work the way you do!

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I have been recommending this program to everyone. Just the simplicity of getting it done at home in the evenings instead of at the wharf won me over. No taking off wet gloves and trying to keep the paper log book dry while filling it out.

~ Melissa Grandy, Newfoundland Enterprise Owner/Harvester

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“Love the fact that when I fill out my ELOG, it gets sent directly to DFO, and I don’t have to try and remember to send it after the fishing season.”

~ Christie Day, Newfoundland Enterprise Owner/Harvester


“Vericatch ELOGS are easy to use and I enjoyed working with them on a daily basis. Eliminating the paper logbooks to use of ELOGS on your phone or tablet is the future. I would recommend ELOGS to all harvesters to download the App and get started!”

~ Curtis Snelgrove, 3L Fish Harvester

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Our Commitment to Our Users

  • We will listen to your input and constantly improve our  ELOGS
  • Our priority is to provide you with ongoing support and training (check out our Support Centre!)
  • We will only send what is required to the DFO, nothing more
  • We secure your data for you so that you alone can choose what to share and who to share it with

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Why Electronic Logbooks?

Our ELOGS are DFO-certified for Lobster, Crab, Groundfish, Small Pelagics, and Salmon.

Paper logbooks are repetitive, cumbersome to edit, easy to lose or damage, and a hassle to mail to the DFO.

Compare them to our ELOGS.  Electronic logbooks are easier to edit than paper logbooks, and our software proofs your logbook so you don’t get it sent back by the DFO. Plus, ELOGS are faster and easier to submit to the DFO – you just press a transmit button, no mailing required. And they’re less repetitive to fill in – you type something once, and next time the software will autofill key parts of your forms for you. 

We’re also the only Canadian ELOG provider with a dedicated app. Why? Apps are faster, more convenient, and easier to navigate than mobile websites when it comes to data collection at sea, and our app works whether or not you’re connected to the internet.

Getting Started

Step One: Sign Up on Our Website

  • Create your account on our website. You are not able to use our ELOG app without first setting up an account
  • Confirm your account via the email we send you
  • Select your fishery type and service level
  • Set up your profile, including your license #, FIN, and ELOG Key

Step Two: Download and Login to our App on Your Mobile Device

  • Download FisheriesApp2 from the Google Play App Store or the Apple App Store. Follow these links or search for “Vericatch FisheriesApp” on your preferred app store.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can sign in using the account details you created in Step One.

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Join our Test Crew

We are looking for harvesters who are interested in testing our Canadian electronic logbooks for free, sending along their feedback, and helping develop the most useful, easy-to-use ELOGS in Canada.

Here’s what the Test Crew commitment of three to four months looks like:

  • You’ll get a year of our Pro national ELOGS for free (that’s a $120 value), so you can give them a thorough test 
  • We’ll be checking in with you once a month via a short customer interview to see what you think, and you’re also welcome to email us your input at any time.
  • You’ll get one-on-one support from our team
  • Each month, we’ll be giving away a $50 Tim Horton’s gift card to our test crew members in good standing
  • Your input will help inform future releases of the overall electronic logbook product

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