Electronic Reporting for Fisheries Management

FisheriesApp is an electronic reporting and fisheries management platform that enables cost-effective means to collect, report, and manage catch and landing data. FisheriesApp is used by Harvesters, processors, enumerators, observers, scientists and many other stakeholders to get fishery information into the connected world.


FisheriesApp also comes equipped with a full compliment of back office data management tools for reviewing, validating, and exporting the submitted catch and landing event details for fishing industry stakeholders such as license holders, regulators, and NGOs.


FisheriesApp is the leading solution to everyday fishing industry challenges. It is highly configurable, simple to deploy, and tailored for a strong user experience to ensure success, regardless of fishery size or complexity. FisheriesApp is used globally in both commercial and fishery improvement projects, from artisanal pilots to full-scale ocean-going fleets.

Core features

  • Configuration support for wide variety of fisheries such as oceans, lakes, rivers, and aquaculture
  • Collect now, report later – smartphone or tablet offline mode for situations with limited or no internet connectivity
  • Configurable core form library for fisherman and monitor self-reporting, landings/deliveries, and biology and science sampling
  • Configurable custom forms – create and manage additional forms alongside our core form library to capture harvest data on distinct aspects of your fishery
  • Tie in with on-board vessel systems via VMS, and other GPS based technology for live and historical vessel track path analysis and review
  • Full data views with search and filtering for on the fly fisheries management and operations including at a glance dashboard key performance indicators – how is my fishery doing right now?
  • Data submission review and validation tools – allows for third party verification of submitted harvest data
  • Broad and deep fishery level configuration including (and not limited to) species target and by-catch definitions, units of measure, gear type, vessel, fishing area, season/opening management, and allocation and quota management
  • End-to-end supply chain transparency – integrates with the Vericatch KnowYour.Fish traceability and sustainability program and platform

Additional features

  • Custom role definitions for scenarios beyond typical fisherman and monitor based electronic reporting
  • Security group rights and roles for stakeholder managed data views
  • Highly auditable – know who changed what data, when
  • Multiple language and locale support – deploy for different language needs within the same fishing management area
  • CSV data exports
  • API support for third party integrations

Improve your fishery with data management

Data is powerful, and in today’s world, a fishery cannot operate efficiently without accurate fisheries data. You need to have the ability to get your hands on convincing fisheries data so you can support your claims and take part in meaningful fisheries management discussions.


Assessing stock levels in a wild-caught fishery remains challenging, whereas recording and compiling harvest levels is highly achievable given the right tools, which is why we developed FisheriesApp. FisheriesApp is the world’s quickest, easiest, and most efficient way to access harvest data. We know first-hand how difficult it can be to convince everybody to engage in something new, and we want to help you make it easier with data.


FisheriesApp is a fisheries management platform that is easily configurable and designed to be user-friendly. Because of the ease of deployment, we can quickly help you get a pilot catch reporting program up and going. Trends derived from accurate harvest data on target species and by-catch dramatically helps decision making on stock assessments and future seasons’ allowances, and with FisheriesApp you can represent your fishery’s interests with data.


Whether you want to formally declare a Fishery Improvement Program (FIP), or want to help modernize your fishery with management tools, FisheriesApp is designed and customized to be exactly what you need.

Vericatch Trawler on Android
Vericatch Trawler for web

How it works

Recording and reporting your catch has never been easier. With FisheriesApp as your electronic reporting platform, you get to spend less time reporting and more time fishing.


How? FisheriesApp is simple to use – report your catch once, and it ensures your data gets to the right people. Your time is valuable, and instead of filling in forms on paper – or no documentation at all – we’ve created a way for you to efficiently record your catch and get back to what you really want to be doing—fishing.


Depending on the fishery, reporting can be as simple as a single catch form or could require additional data for fisheries management or regulators. Whether your fishery requires harvester self-reporting, landing or offload reporting, third party monitored reporting, and/or biological or scientific reporting, FisheriesApp accounts can be configured for your specific needs.


We work with many different fisheries, often together with supportive NGOs, to help you start your electronic reporting plans. The first step is often a pilot engagement with some forward-minded fishermen. The pilot can quickly and easily move towards a more comprehensive fisheries management plan when the whole fishery is ready.


The FisheriesApp platform allows your data to be enhanced with GPS and is compatible with several other similar systems. FisheriesApp is a tool designed for you and can be utilized in multiple ways. Our platform can synthesize your data, summarize the different aspects of its findings, and help keep your fishery fully empowered.


FisheriesApp customers vary widely, from river fisheries to lake fisheries and full-scale ocean-going fleets. We support trap fisheries, gill-nets, trawl, and line fisheries. Some are single species, others multi-species. Many need to track by-catch levels and differing gear types. FisheriesApp can work with all kinds of fisheries, and we’d like to help you too.

Ready to get started with FisheriesApp?