End-to-end harvest and supply chain visibility

What can data do for you?

Data gives us the power to make a difference for our oceans, lakes, and rivers, and you in your bottom line.


We don’t just believe in the added value of transparency throughout the supply chain, we work to facilitate it. Our end-to-end suite of tools are designed to assist with simple data collection, management, and reporting, which empowers our fishing industry clients to build and promote their leading reputation for high-quality, traceable, responsible, and sustainable seafood.


FisheriesApp and KnowYour.Fish are rich data-driven products that contribute to global seafood traceability, provide a resource that enables sustainable fisheries, and assures fisherman that the seafood that they harvest will be in demand by knowledgeable consumers

Electronic Reporting for Fisheries Management

Your data. Your future. Your opportunity. We believe in empowering fishermen with data, and FisheriesApp as an electronic reporting and fisheries management platform is bringing that power back to you.


By having complete fisheries data at your fingertips, you have the ability to make that information available the supply chain, regulators, and scientists who can advocate for your fishery management plans. Use your data. Be a part of the conversation.

Engage with consumers and tell your story

Consumers want to know who caught their fish, where in the world it was caught, and that they’re supporting right causes.


Fishermen are able to share catch and community information; distributors are happy to know they’re dealing with well sourced seafood; retailers and restaurateurs want to make sure they’re bringing authentic, traceable, sustainable, and storied seafood to their customers.


KnowYour.Fish brings all this clarity and more to the supply chain and consumers, raising the value and market reach of seafood in the process.

Improving the fishing industry from catch to consumer

A well managed business has the best chance of being a profitable business. The same is true in the fishing industry. With increasing oversight from regulators on catch and bycatch limits, ecological impact, and increasing costs of operations, it is rare to find a good opportunity to improve your fishery economics.


We believe that leveraging electronic reporting information from FisheriesApp can be a key driver for profit and reputation of your fishery. Not only does FisheriesApp give you a cost effective and efficient way to record and report your catch and other details of your fishing activities into the digital world, but that information can also be connected to the supply chain.


Catch data that proves origin through the supply chain and onto consumers is valuable and can reliably be associated with your seafood as it makes its way from harvest all the way to plate. KnowYour.Fish achieves that by giving fishermen the chance to demonstrate their fishery, and increases access to the broadest range of markets so that you can build a reputation for a well run, sustainable and ethical fishery. Good fishing practices can now deliver better value for your fishery through KnowYour.Fish.


FisheriesApp and KnowYour.Fish together enable the best end-to-end supply chain traceability solution for seafood.

Vericatch fisherman with traps

A Culture of Cooperation

By working with industry-leading organizations, we are able to effect change and make a tangible difference in the future of fisheries and the fishing industry. Having the support of established organizations, as well as the benefit of their expertise, helps us ensure that our fishing apps are meeting the needs of fisheries and contributing to current and future sustainability goals.


Increase your profits. Electronically report your catch.