About Vericatch

Vericatch is an ocean technology company dedicated to developing fishing software that supports a stronger, more sustainable fishing industry. We empower fishermen with innovative, easy-to-use tools that support their livelihoods.

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Modern Tools for Fisheries Management

Revolutionizing sustainable fisheries management with our flexible catch reporting and seafood traceability software. We equip fisheries with the tools and expertise to make data-driven decisions that benefit their operations.

Our History

  • 2006: Founded by fishermen and technologists
  • 2016: Launched first version of FisheriesApp
  • 2018: Changed name from IQMI to Vericatch
  • 2019: Launched KnowYour.Fish
  • 2020: Started developing ELOGS
  • 2021: Moved to a new office in Vancouver
  • 2022: Opened offices in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
  • 2022: First company to ever be certified by the DFO for National ELOGS

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Who We Work With

We work with everyone from fishermen to fisheries managers, NGOs, to suppliers, and retailers. Whether you’re looking for catch reporting software for your fishery in an emerging market, ELOGS for your Canadian fishery, or traceability software to verify your seafood’s journey from boat to plate, our products offer flexible fishing software solutions for your business.

Fishing boat floating on water in front of shore with trees on an overcast day.

Our Approach

While every fishery is different, they all share fundamental needs, such as accurate catch reporting and regulatory compliance. Instead of costly, bespoke solutions requiring extensive development and maintenance, we take a different approach, creating products that can be adapted to serve the majority of fisheries worldwide.

This approach leads to cost-effective, reliable products driven by the collaborative efforts of multiple users who help refine them through valuable suggestions for enhancement. Moreover, our solutions empower fishermen with unprecedented access to their catch data right at their fingertips –  giving them easy access to everything they need to prove compliance and grow their businesses. 


At Vericatch, accountability is more than just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to creating positive economic, social, and environmental change in ocean technology to support harvesters, fishing communities, and those who depend upon them for now and for generations to come.

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Empowering Fisheries With Data

Our work with electronic reporting, fishery management analytics, and supply chain systems brings the true benefits of responsible fishing back to the fishing industry.

Information is transformative, and we are committed to creating tools that build a better future for the fishing industry and our world.

We partner with like-minded organizations to revolutionize fisheries software for businesses of any scale.

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