Sustainable Fisheries

We develop products that track and trace the health and sustainability of fishery stocks to improve the livelihoods of fishing communities and those who depend upon them for now and for generations to come.


What Accountability Means To Us

Vericatch was founded on the idea that our commitment to clients and the environment is paramount. We believe in being accountable for our actions and creating positive economic, social, and environmental impacts. This belief is the foundation of our company and shapes how we engage both locally and internationally. We are dedicated to innovating our responsible business practices, acting as agents of change, and making better choices for people, planet, and profit.

Our Values

At Vericatch, accountability is more than just a buzzword; it’s a commitment to the fishing industry, the environment, and positive change to help sustainable fisheries succeed by partnering with industry and stakeholders to leverage value from fishing data.

This is why we listen carefully and work closely with global and local stakeholders to build strong relationships and create products that are easy to use, low cost and flexible to fit each unique fishery.

Accountable Products

Vericatch’s ELOGS collect catch reporting data that is the cornerstone of traceability and provides near real-time data to harvesters and the Canadian government to support data-driven, accountable fisheries management.

FisheriesApp is used worldwide in Fishery Improvement Projects providing high-quality, verifiable data for positive impact and more informed fisheries management decisions. 

KnowYour.Fish ensures traceable seafood so businesses can verify their responsible business practices and build boat-to-plate accountability into the entire seafood supply chain – including following the GDST standards for interoperability.