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Any fishery, any gear, anywhere on Earth –

FisheriesApp is the data collection tool that does it all 

FisheriesApp puts the needs of fishermen first

FisheriesApp was created specifically for fishers and fisheries managers. It makes it quick and easy for fishermen to collect and manage all their fishing data in one place and streamlines data management for fisheries managers.

Who is FisheriesApp for?

Vericatch’s anytime anywhere data submission capability makes reporting simple and efficient.


– Brent Parkinson, Ocean King

FisheriesApp is the most flexible catch data collection system on the market

Fisheries are complex, but your data collection doesn’t need to be. FisheriesApp is highly configurable catch reporting software that meets the unique challenges of at-sea data collection and fisheries management. You’re the expert on what you do, which is why FisheriesApp allows you to capture the exact data you want, and you can add or remove optional fields at any time – no hassle, no fees, and no restrictions.


Tired of using tools that are hard to learn and clunky? FisheriesApp works for you – saving time, money, and the frustration of traditional fisheries catch reporting.

Vericatch FisheriesApp

How It Works

You enter your data, and FisheriesApp makes sure that it gets to the right people. The app lets you efficiently record your catch and then get back to what you really want to be doing – fishing.

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At Vericatch, we take security seriously

Data is power, which is why any data you enter or create when you’re using FisheriesApp is just that – your data and only you can access and share it. We meet or exceed industry security standards for data storage and protection, and we are committed to security best practices now and in the future.

Don’t just track your data,

analyze it

Get more value from your data by using FisheriesApp to automatically visualize catch trends, economic returns, and fishing history – our software empowers fisheries to be more profitable, equitable, and sustainable.


You can also track catch details such as gear, hauls, positions, and time and use your data to compare vessel performance, track catch totals, and more.

Ready to improve your fisheries data management?

FisheriesApp Core Features:

  • Collect now, report later – our software works regardless of connectivity, so there are no delays, lags, or catching up after the fact
  • Works on the smartphone, tablet, or computer you already own – no special hardware or upgrades needed
  • Saves time and money with our smart data collection forms
  • Provides fishery analytics for every user, regardless of service level
  • Integrates with our ecosystem of products, including KnowYour.Fish, our powerful traceability solution
  • Offers multiple language support, including French, English, and Spanish, with more languages to come
  • Interfaces with government and regulator databases around the world

“Working with Vericatch ensures that I have ownership and access to my catch data. This allows me to always be prepared to come to the bargaining table.


– Mitchell Anderson, Skipper


We have working partnerships with certification and rating bodies such as the Marine Stewardship Council, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, and Seafood Watch, so you can leverage value from your fishing data and contribute to the sustainability of the fishing industry.

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