Electronic logbooks, or ELOGS, is fisheries software that eliminates the work of entering data into paper logbooks and mailing those logbooks to the DFO. ELOGS are a significant move towards modernized catch reporting, and they support industry innovation while also providing access to near real-time data.

By 2024 the DFO will require licensed fishermen to switch from paper logbooks to ELOGS Luckily, there is no need to wait until the pressure is on – fishermen and associations can start using our ELOGs today. Our team at Vericatch is excited to help support the industry transition to this new way of working as our software supports everything from one-person fishing operations to entire associations.

Our ELOG software works the way you do. It is the first nationally certified fisheries software in Canadian history – previous certifications have all been for regional electronic logbooks. Our FisheriesApp ELOGS currently supports Lobster and Crab fisheries with other species coming soon. You can sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we add other fisheries, and you can sign up for and test the software now, even if you’re not a lobster or crab fisherman.

FisheriesApp ELOGS

Getting Started

If you’re just getting started using our software or you’re interested in signing up for it to see how it works, here are a few tips on getting started:

Once you’ve sign up for and test the software now or logged in it’s quick to set up your account. These initial steps are best done on a laptop or desktop rather than a tablet or mobile device. Once you’ve signed up or logged in, start by checking your email (and your spam folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox) to confirm your account. That initial email also contains useful help links, so it’s worth saving.

After you’ve confirmed your account, you can add the following information:

  • Select your fishery
  • Select your service level
  • Name your fishery

Once those key steps are complete, you can then:

  • Personalize your fishery preferences with language, units of measure, and more
  • Add your license info
  • Select and add your vessel details
  • And add your FIN and ELOG keys, or sign up for an ELOG key if you don’t have one already

You can also download our Quickstart Guide, which walks you through all these steps. And we’ve also created a series of bite-sized getting started videos with how-tos for both the web and mobile.

FisheriesApp 2.0

FisheriesApp 2.0

Once you have everything set up, you can download our FisheriesApp to manage your ELOG catch reporting. It’s available for Android on the Google Play Store and for iOS on the App Store, and you can use the username and password you created when you set up your account to log in and your data will be automatically synced.

After the initial setup is complete on the web most customers prefer to fill their ELOGS on the mobile app as it’s specifically designed for easy data collection.

We also offer true online/offline functionality – the only time you need to be online is when you send your data to the DFO, everything else works wherever you are during your trip.

If you’re interested in an in-person demo, feel free to join our free webinar on August 23rd, and we’ll be hosting another webinar in September (date TBD). If you can’t make our August webinar you can join our mailing list to find out about our September webinar. You can also contact our implementation specialists for training and help getting set up.


Can I add multiple fisheries to my account?
Yes, our software will support all national ELOGS. To manage your fisheries go under the Subscription button. You’ll find subscriptions under the person avatar on the right-hand side of your laptop’s screen.

How do you add your fishing licenses?
Licenses are added via Fishery Preference under the person icon on your laptop and Settings if you’re on mobile. You will need to add a license for each of your fisheries.

What if I want to change my service level? Do I have to wait until my current subscription expires?
No, you can change your subscription level at any time. Whether you upgrade or downgrade your level, our payment system automatically charges or reimburses you. One key thing to remember is that you can use our software for free but cannot submit your data to the DFO, download your data, or access our analytics until you have paid.

How do I know what fields are required and what are optional?
Required fields are marked with a red asterisk, greyed-out fields are not required for your fishery in your region, and all other fields are optional.

Does Vericatch offer training?
Yes, we do!  We want to give you the tools to succeed, so if you or your association would like to book private training sessions or work with our implementation specialist please reach out to support@vericatch.com and someone from our team will be in touch shortly about setting up a time to connect.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us via email at any time!