Our Salmon ELOGS were recently certified by the DFO, adding to our certifications for Crab, and Lobster, and we’re currently working on our Groundfish certification with other certifications to follow.

We’re pleased to announce a significant milestone at Vericatch: our Salmon ELOGS have been certified by the DFO, making us Canada’s first certified national Salmon ELOG provider. Our commitment to advancing fishing practices means that we now offer certified ELOGs for Salmon, Crab, and Lobster, and we’re working on further certifications.

At Vericatch, we understand the importance of practical solutions that don’t burden fishermen financially. Our pricing is just a fraction of what other west coast ELOG providers charge, starting at only $60/year. We believe that innovative technology should be accessible to all fishermen, empowering them to make informed decisions for their fishing operations without compromising their livelihood.

To ensure that our ELOGS meet the needs of fishermen, we are inviting a select group of salmon fishers to join our test crew. Participants in this program will receive a complimentary Salmon ELOG for a year in exchange for providing us with valuable feedback and enjoying some exclusive perks. If you’re interested in participating in this initiative, please fill out this short form, and our team will be in touch.

Our ELOGs are designed for ease of use – allowing you to set up everything online and conveniently input and manage your data using our FisheriesApp on your phone or tablet while on the water. Being the only ELOG provider in Canada with a dedicated app, we take pride in offering true online/offline functionality, ensuring seamless data capture even in areas with limited connectivity.

Please note that the DFO now accepts Salmon ELOGS in place of paper records; however, if you’re planning to switch from paper logbooks to ELOGS, please verify your other reporting requirements, such as dockside sales, to ensure full compliance with regulations.

At Vericatch, we are passionate about empowering fishermen with innovative tools that enhance their fishing experience and support their livelihoods. Sign up for our ELOGS today to be part of this transformative movement, and find out more about getting started here.

For more information about our Salmon electronic logbooks and how they can benefit your fishing operations, please click here.