Robert Keenan – Senior Manager Business Development

Robert Keenan is Vericatch’s Newfoundland and Labrador representative. Robert has deep roots in the NL inshore fishery, where three of his uncles and one of his aunts are active harvesters, and where other aunts, uncles, and cousins are employed in the various processing plants in Conception Bay North.


Robert has significant experience in the fishery, having worked with the local fish harvesters association – FFAW – for eight years. FFAW represents the approximately 9,000 inshore harvesters in NL. In his role with FFAW, Robert was involved in policy development, advocacy, and outreach. He served as chief negotiator for fish price negotiations for seven years, and from 2020 to 2022 he served as the Association’s Secretary-Treasurer, one of two full-time elected positions at FFAW.


Robert has an Honours Degree and an MA from Memorial University and a law degree from the University of New Brunswick.