We believe in data

It is our mission to help fishermen with their data. In 2006, we developed our first data app that enabled fishermen to trade their quotas and report their catch. This process opened our eyes to all the other IT and reporting difficulties fishermen were facing.


We knew we could help.


Our diverse technology, fishing, and business backgrounds add experience and perspective to the fishing solutions we develop, and we are committed to helping fishermen comply with sustainability requirements and become increasingly profitable in a changing global industry. It is our goal to create electronic reporting and traceability tools that make profits for fishermen, for the industry, and for the future.

Strength through knowledge

Capturing your fishery data is a fundamental step towards controlling your livelihood. Having quick and organized access to your fishing records puts substantial power in your hands, and our fisheries platform is designed to help you control your future.

Vericatch FisheriesApp
Vericatch fisherman with fishing pole

Empowering fishermen

Our team is committed to creating and distributing software that leverages fishing data to the benefit of all concerned. Well recorded harvest and supply-chain data creates value-added seafood for international and local consumers. With robust electronic reporting, fishery management analytics, and supply chain systems, we are able to bring the true benefits of responsible fishing back to your wallet.

Julian Hawkins, CEO

Julian Hawkins is an experienced leader of high-tech and clean-tech companies. He has led both small and large companies and has lived in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Julian joined the Vericatch team in 2015. His passion is to bring the practical benefits of technology to help people achieve more.

Julian Hawkins

Jesse Latham, CTO/VP Products and Technology

Jesse Latham is responsible for bringing new and innovative ways of catch reporting and traceability to market as well as operations of the solutions that Vericatch provides its customers.

Prior to joining Vericatch, Jesse led the product and technology teams at PayWith and Wantsa, two local companies focused on finance and marketing spaces. Other past ventures include business and solution architecture at both AutoTrader and Provincial Health Services Authority.

Jesse Latham

Catriona Power, Director Marketing and Business Development

Catriona Power has worked at the intersection of sustainable business, policy and innovation for the last eight years on projects in UK, Europe and India in the environment and energy sectors. At Vericatch, she is responsible for marketing and business development. Previously she was Head of Business Development at Energy Unlocked, Sustainability Advisor at Forum for the Future and Environment Programme Officer for Skype founder’s family foundation, Zennstrom Philanthropies.

Catriona Power

Director Marketing and Business Development

Make a change. In your life. In the fishing industry.

A culture of cooperation

By working with industry-leading organizations, we are able to effect change and make a tangible difference in the future of fisheries and the fishing industry. Having the support of established organizations, as well as the benefit of their expertise, helps us ensure that our fishing apps are meeting the needs of fisheries and contributing to current and future sustainability goals.