Sustainability starts with information

Build a better future

At Vericatch, we believe in the power of data. Sustainability starts with information and we are proud to design, develop, and support solutions which contribute to the correct labelling of fish species, the move to well-managed fisheries that avoid overfishing, and the prosperity of the fishing industry and the communities they support.


Our fishery solutions are multi-language global tools that benefit customers all over the world, and even though we aim to make a positive return on our investment, we don’t believe in burdening you with unsustainable costs. Making each Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) successful is our top objective.


We are constantly working to bring together fisheries, constructively minded NGOs and businesses, and regulators in an effort to improve the management of fisheries. Knowledge of fishing stocks and harvest is key to a well-managed fishery and a sustainable future for the industry and community. A well-managed fishery is founded on data and enables a safer and more prosperous future for everyone involved.


We want to empower communities and provide you with the tools you need to make a positive change in your work, and in the world. Information is transformative, for both economic vitality and environmental sustainability, and we are committed to creating tools that build a better future for the fishing industry.


Consumers know the health advantages of quality seafood and want to support fishermen who demonstrate responsibility in their work.

Help improve your fishery.