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Wondering how to get started? Here’s our Getting Started Page.

It’s easy to get started when you sign up for our ELOGS, here’s how:

Step One: Sign Up on Our Website

  • Create your account on the website. You must create an account before using the free mobile app.
  • Confirm your account via the email we send you.
  • Select your fishery type and service level; you can trial the software for free and then pay at the start of your season.
  • Set up your profile, including your license #, FIN, and ELOG Key*. The system will walk you through this process.

Step Two: Download and Login to our App on Your Mobile Device

Note: please set up your account on our website before you login into FisheriesApp2.

  • Download our free FisheriesApp from the Google Play App Store or the Apple App Store. Follow these links or search for “Vericatch FisheriesApp” on your preferred app store.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can sign in using the account details you created in Step One.

*ELOG Key:

In order to submit your data to the DFO, the Government of Canada requires that you create a unique ELOG Key.

If you don’t have one already, there are two methods to generate an ELOG key, both described in detail on the DFO website found here.

  • Option 1) Use a secure sign-in partner (such as your online banking sign-in, which you may have used to sign in to other government websites in the past.)
  • Option 2) Using a GCkey.

Using a secure sign-in partner (Option 1) is our suggested method.

For questions about getting started and using our ELOGS in general, please visit our handy support centre, where you’ll find answers to your most frequently asked questions and we have a few more resources listed below.