Electronic Logbooks

Vericatch’s Canadian ELOG Software

We have been working with Canadian fishermen for more than a decade on electronic catch reporting. With a record of success, Vericatch will turn your reporting challenges into opportunities with our ELOG software.


  • DFO compliant
  • Configurable to any fishery, vessel and gear type
  • Collect & report fisheries catch & landing data
  • Report on your phone or tablet regardless of internet connection
  • Safe and secure data management
  • Tie-in with VMS and other GPS technology
  • Data submission review & validation tools
  • Fully interoperable
  • Tie-in with our FisheriesApp analytics suite (sensitive species heat-mapping, visual analytics, and more!)


Reporting your catch has never been easier. With our ELOG software you’ll spend less time reporting and more time fishing. How? Our platform is easy to use, report your catch once, and our system makes sure your data gets to the right people.


Fisheries reporting can be as simple as a single catch form or can require additional data for fisheries management and/or for regulators. Vericatch’s ELOG  software can be configured for your specific needs.


Our ELOG software allows you to submit your data simply and securely. When appropriate, our platform can tie-in to FisheriesApp to help you synthesize your data, summarize the findings, and keep your fishery profitable and empowered.


Our customers vary widely, from river fisheries to lake fisheries and full-scale ocean-going fleets. We have experience with trap fisheries, gill-nets, trawl, and line fisheries. Vericatch partners with all kinds of fisheries, and we’d like to work with you too.


Compliance without Confusion

Compliance without Confusion

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